Friday, December 28, 2007

Gingerbread cookies

It's the end of the day on Friday after a crazy holiday week. Not only has it been Christmas, were Mr. H. and I scored big with a Wii and an Xbox, but the company I work for is going through a merger and Day 1 is January 2. So no rest for the weary in my office - well at least not for my boss. I have been getting plenty of rest. But I'm now starting to feel the strain. All these things that aren't done. Of course, transitions and change is never smooth, so I'm not expecting anything great. What makes matters worse is the gifts we were supposed to give each of our employees in our office are held up in customs. Seems they are unsure what the country of origin the hats are so we can't have them yet. I mean really. They're made in China. Where else would they be made? If customs worked this well all the time we wouldn't have tainted toothpaste. But no, it's holding up our hats and mugs. But no matter. Nothing we can do now. We'll just give the gifts out another day. In the meantime, I'm having another gingerbread cooking and going home to play my Wii.

Happy weekend.

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