Friday, December 21, 2007

Barely Knitting


I know, aren't they cute. I knit these bears for my nephews (Jack, George and Alexander - I realize that's three nephews and only two bears. One bear had just finished washing his fur and was in the middle of blowing it dry and so was not available for this picture). For my niece, Eva Kay, I'm kitting a rabbit. The brown bear is going to Jack, who lives in Cleveland. Notice he is Cleveland Browns colors. Mr. H. wrote this to go along with the bear:

Dear Jack,
Once upon a time, after the Brown's utter decimation of The Cincinnati Bengals on September 16, 2007, when Derek Anderson threw for 328 yards and 5 touchdowns and Jamal Lewis ran for a staggering 216 yards and one TD, this bear was discovered inside the winning game ball. Fearing the wrath of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, as well of the possibility of incurring hefty fines from the league itself, Romeo Crennel hid the bear in an earthen basket and set it adrift on the Cuyahoga river. Several weeks later it washed ashore in Chicago, having somehow managed to switch waterways entirely, and was found by [Melly] one Sunday afternoon directly following the Browns thoroughly convincing 8 to 0 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Fearful of vengeful and jealous acts of cruelty by a city whose football team has abandoned them to defeat and despair, she thought it best to send the young bear to a safe and loving home, far, far away. Of course, she immediately thought of you. So please take care of this bear, Jack. He has been through so much already. Give him a name. Teach him to maul. Love him dearly.
Happy Christmas, and GO BROWNS!

Isn't that cute? So like everyone else who tries to leave Cleveland, little brown bear is just going back. He begged me to stay, but I could not let him. I know that Jack will give him a good home. Better than I could. Any little bears in my household must do the dishes. I suspect Jack will mostly have him storming castles, eating lions and tackling footballs.

The other two bears are Chicago Bears colors. The bunny will be white with blue and orange ears. As you can see, I was very taken by the football spirit this Christmas (the football spirit is the lesser known spirit of Christmas that comes and shows you games your favorite team would have won had you been a better person and cared more about your employees and neighbors. Most CEO's don't really care about this spirit that much because they just bet against their team when they're loosing, still finding a way to make money off of someone else's misfortune, so it usually gets cuts from those popular stories and movies about the Christmas spirits.)

Those are all the gifts I knit this year. I tried to knit Mr. H. an XBox 360, but the pattern for knitting a circuit board is a little beyond my skills, and I couldn't find a yarn I liked. Maybe next year.

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