Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Remember what I said yesterday? About watching movies so you don't have to and all that stuff? Well ditto on this one (can you tell Mr. H. and I are in between mailings of our Netflix?) Anyway, Sahara is one of those "blockbuster" movies with the hot, swashbuckling kinda guy (Matthew McConaughey - or McConahotty as my sister likes to call him) the zany side kick (Steve Zahn) and the improbably hot doctor for the WHO (Penélope Cruz). She's trying to find the source of a mysterious plague that's plaguing villages. They're trying to find a Civil War ship. They're in Mali in Africa - hence the name. They meet, and lo and behold , they're searching for the same thing (OK, not really, but the their things end up being in the same place and totally improbably connected). There are lots of action scenes, racing a yacht on the Niger, racing and then jumping onto a speeding train from camels (good thing the boys are special ops trained and she's a doctor or they never would have pulled that one off). There's a bad bad buy, a bad guy who's really a good guy and a guy who thinks he's good but turns out he's actually bad. All this in 124 minutes. Mr. H. and I are hoping this will be re-released at the IMAX, cause watching it on our little screen did it no justice. If I had a rating system, I'd say don't bother. But I don't, so do what ever you want.

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