Friday, November 30, 2007

How I am sometimes not the best wife in the world

Sometimes when Mr. H. and I are having a quick catch up on your day afternoon phone chat just to say hi and we're winding it down and ready to get off the phone he'll say "I love you" and I'll say "OK, bye."


Anonymous said...

For clarity’s sake, this alleged “OK” would at least indicate acknowledgement of the unrequited sentiment. What actually occurs is an outright dismissal of the gesture. Instead of an “OK, bye” what transpires is merely a “bye.” I say merely when in fact the word is virtually stuffed with meaning. Implicit here in the not so subtle subtext is a message of contempt and loathing so vehement and profound that it makes me shudder. The utterance of “Bye” alone not only negates the ritual performative, but also effectively erodes the reciprocal foundations of the relationship itself. The word terminates the conversation and pierces the heart in one, swift stab. What remains is a shriveled, trembling husk of a man, a once joyous and glee filled vessel of light and love now reduced to a smoldering mass of petrified anguish and strangled despair. Hope that clears up any confusion.

Melanie Higgins said...

(A) when were you a "joyous and glee filled vessel of light and love"?

(B) Can the rest of my readers see what I have to deal with. I put myself out there to own up to my sometime callous conversation skills and I get this.

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