Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last night, Mr. H watched Fuck. OK, so first off, I'm sorry if there are people out there who are offended by this word. You will probably not appreciate this review, so you might just want to come back later.

As far as documentaries go, this wasn't the most insightful or interesting one, but it had its moments. Filmmaker Steve Anderson explored many sides of this controversial word from people who love it to people who hate it. We learn that it isn't derived from an acronym as so many people think, but has been in the English vocabulary for 100's of years as a term for sex. It would have been interesting to learn a little more about this history of the word - how it evolved from sexual connotations to an expletive, but the movie offered little more than just a brief overview.

We get a history of its inclusion in movies (first one MASH with one instance to the chart toppers of Scarface and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back). Of course we got to watch video of Lenny Bruce (who my sister has no knowledge of but knows that he is "not afraid" and likes to sing that line of "It's the End of the World as We Know it" in her best Ethyl Merman voice - I guess you had to be there) and George Carlin expounding on the words you can not say on television and radio.

What this movie did well was interview people who had strong and interesting views on the word. It was fun to watch Pat Boone explain how this kind of language is harmful to children and no one should use it and then watch Ice-T decide that if he can't use the word fuck, he's going to turn "boone" into an expletive. The funniest by far had to be Billy Connolly expounding how much he loves the word and there is no English equivalent or definition - it just is.

Mr. H. and I are pretty much of the same mind about bad language not really being bad. That at times it's appropriate, and others it's not so much. My sister left before she could finish watching the movie, but we promised to talk about it more at Thanksgiving dinner, so that should be fun. Until then, fuck off!

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I hope you realize that your reluctance to satisfy my blogual desires is driving me to seek satisfaction elsewhere. I do not wish to be unfaithful, but unless you resume a steady output of daily musings, my natural needs, suppressed now to the point of sheer frustration, may force me to engage in casual trips to anonymous web blogs and clandestine visits to links of questionable repute. I am ashamed to confess that I have already hit PostSecret once this morning and my lust for more has hardly abated. I did not want matters to come to this, but your negligence has left me with few viable options. Please reconsider your position dear Melly, and perhaps our relationship may yet be salvaged.

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