Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I'm at a total loss of what to get Mr. H. for Christmas this year. He keeps telling me he wants either a (a) xbox 360 (b) playstation 3 or (c) a flat screen tv. None of those are really options because we're being frugal this year and not going over our $100 - $150 limit. Anyway, I have a few ideas, but I thought I'd put it to you (don't worry, Mr. H. never reads my blog, he just pretends he does). If you have a suggestion for something you think Mr. H. would enjoy, that fits within the budget (or you would like to contribute to the Buy Mr. H. an XBOX 360 for Christmas Fund), feel free to fill it in.

Note: I have moved this poll to the right-hand area. There's still time to vote!

Below are some pictures of some of the items I'm considering, just so you know what you're voting for.

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