Friday, November 30, 2007

How I am sometimes not the best wife in the world

Sometimes when Mr. H. and I are having a quick catch up on your day afternoon phone chat just to say hi and we're winding it down and ready to get off the phone he'll say "I love you" and I'll say "OK, bye."

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I was once told by a male friend during an extremely dry dating spell (this was back in 2000 or so before I had gotten back together with Mr. H. and became Mrs. H.) that he didn't know why I didn't have a boyfriend cause I seemed like I'd make a pretty good girlfriend. His reasons for saying this were (1) while he totally had the hots for me, he couldn't act on them because he was married, thus we kept our friendship strictly platonic (2) I love movies such as The Matrix and Star Wars and (3) I will watch sports.

I think I've mentioned here before that while I'm not a huge sports fan, I do enjoy the sports. I enjoy watching a winning team (which doesn't make living in Chicago right about now any fun) more than teams that lose (unless of course you happen to be a MLB team located on the South Side) - but that doesn't mean I don't still like to get out there and watch the Cubs and the Bears. In fact, watching the Bears last Sunday was pretty exciting wasn't it? I mean, I turned the TV over at half time because (a) they were loosing (b) Grossman was still throwing the ball (c) even when G. could actually throw the ball well, no one was catching it and (c) they were loosing. Mr. H. went to take a shower so I switched over to TBS and settled in to watch Stir of Echos. However, Mr. H. got out of the shower and insisted I switch it back. And get this, he's not even a Bears fan. He likes the Browns. Which is the team I've basically been watching all season (at least they have a decent record). And I support the Browns like they're my home team because Mr. H. likes them. I even purchased a Browns shirt to wear while watching the games (and also for Alexander's football-themed birthday party - put hey, it's gonna get lots of use). So yeah, even though in past years I haven't been that in to football other than when the Bears actually look like they're doing well, I've jumped aboard this year (my sister having the NFL ticket and a big screen TV hasn't hurt either 'cause I really hated going to smokey bars to watch Browns games with a bunch of drunken louts).

I've gotten into it so much, I kinda want to watch the Packers/Cowboys game tonight. And, since I have Dish Network, I will be able to, because I have the NFL network. But let me tell you, and this is only because I've been paying attention to the NFL this year, the NFL is really screwed up. Maybe this is old news to all you out there - but seriously. On Comcast cable, NFL network is an additional pay channel on its "Sports Tier" (actually, that's a Comcast issue - another one of my favorite companies). And on some other cable companies out there, you can have the NFL network on your lineup, but when the six or seven games a year that they broadcast solely on NFL network are on, you're stuck watching some History of the NFL show (I bet it's riveting). So add that to the whole not paying for their players pensions stuff and the NFL totally sounds like a company I want to run out and work for (maybe not as a tight end, but I could be one of those chain carrying guys).

Does this mean I'm going to protest and not watch the NFL? No. Why? Because, like I said, I'm a good supportive wife who indulges her husband's desire to watch sports (at least it's only some sports not EVERY sport) and even enjoys it. I'm good like that.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last night, Mr. H watched Fuck. OK, so first off, I'm sorry if there are people out there who are offended by this word. You will probably not appreciate this review, so you might just want to come back later.

As far as documentaries go, this wasn't the most insightful or interesting one, but it had its moments. Filmmaker Steve Anderson explored many sides of this controversial word from people who love it to people who hate it. We learn that it isn't derived from an acronym as so many people think, but has been in the English vocabulary for 100's of years as a term for sex. It would have been interesting to learn a little more about this history of the word - how it evolved from sexual connotations to an expletive, but the movie offered little more than just a brief overview.

We get a history of its inclusion in movies (first one MASH with one instance to the chart toppers of Scarface and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back). Of course we got to watch video of Lenny Bruce (who my sister has no knowledge of but knows that he is "not afraid" and likes to sing that line of "It's the End of the World as We Know it" in her best Ethyl Merman voice - I guess you had to be there) and George Carlin expounding on the words you can not say on television and radio.

What this movie did well was interview people who had strong and interesting views on the word. It was fun to watch Pat Boone explain how this kind of language is harmful to children and no one should use it and then watch Ice-T decide that if he can't use the word fuck, he's going to turn "boone" into an expletive. The funniest by far had to be Billy Connolly expounding how much he loves the word and there is no English equivalent or definition - it just is.

Mr. H. and I are pretty much of the same mind about bad language not really being bad. That at times it's appropriate, and others it's not so much. My sister left before she could finish watching the movie, but we promised to talk about it more at Thanksgiving dinner, so that should be fun. Until then, fuck off!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Last night Mr. H. and I watched Spider-Man 3. Wow, what a piece of crap. Really. Sure, there were some good effects. But nothing we haven't seen in Spider-Man 1 or 2. CGI just keeps getting better and better (the sand guy was pretty cool), but whoa, hire some writers. The story line is pathetic. Peter's all in love with himself and this random space black goo makes him even more so, he dumps on Mary Jane, he kills (well he thinks he does) the sand guy and he tries to kill his friend/enemy Harry/Goblin. And all of this gets drawn out and then tied up in 139 minutes. Seriously, half way through the movie we were saying what crap it is. I didn't even bother to watch the extra features on the DVD because really, who cares? So that's my not review of Spider-Man 3. Just glad I didn't pay nine bucks when it came out.

Friday, November 16, 2007


The last couple of days I've been getting some unusual guests on my blog. People from around the world seem to be clicking the "Next Blog" link up at the top (that's it next to the Search Blog and Flag Blog buttons) and getting to my blog. I've done this in the past. It's an interesting way to find different blogs that are out there. There are a lot of foreign language blogs that look cool, but that I can't read. I assume that's where these visitors are coming from. Unfortunately, as my web stats show, they aren't sticking around to read my blog or vote for what Christmas present I should buy Mr. H. (though I did get one vote for a Monkey, which while inspired, not quite in my budget). I'd love to make my blog more friendly for these international readers, but not sure what I should do. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I'm at a total loss of what to get Mr. H. for Christmas this year. He keeps telling me he wants either a (a) xbox 360 (b) playstation 3 or (c) a flat screen tv. None of those are really options because we're being frugal this year and not going over our $100 - $150 limit. Anyway, I have a few ideas, but I thought I'd put it to you (don't worry, Mr. H. never reads my blog, he just pretends he does). If you have a suggestion for something you think Mr. H. would enjoy, that fits within the budget (or you would like to contribute to the Buy Mr. H. an XBOX 360 for Christmas Fund), feel free to fill it in.

Note: I have moved this poll to the right-hand area. There's still time to vote!

Below are some pictures of some of the items I'm considering, just so you know what you're voting for.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Alpha Dog

Last night Mr. H. and I watched Alpha Dog. It's one of those movies that is based on real events. Which just makes the whole thing sad. These thug kids who have grown up in the lap of luxury steal a kid because his brother owes them money. Over the course of the weekend, several people see and party with this stolen kid (even referring to him as the stolen kid) and don't do anything. To them it's a game. It's a game even to the stolen kid who thinks it's cool to hang out and drink and get high with these wannabe gangsters all the while believing his brother will pay the debt and save him. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a happy ending.

I remember when this movie came out and all I thought of it was that it was a vehicle for Justin Timberlake. He has a central part, but he's not the main bad guy, and he does a decent job. The main baddie's played by Emile Hirsch (who also plays Christophe McCandless in the recently released Into the Wild). He's a drug dealer who's got his friends out selling his drugs while he takes the profits. The brother with the debt is played by Ben Foster (who also played the crazy guy in 3:10 to Yuma). Once again he turns in a great performance. Unfortunately, his story line is never followed through on and we're left wondering what happened to him.

I didn't realize until the end of this movie that it's telling the true story of Nick Markowitz (the stolen boy) and Jesse James Hollywood (the drug dealer and yes, that's his real name). I know bad things happen, and people do bad things for no good reason. But it's interesting to me to think about these kids who seemingly had everything and choose a life of drug dealing and end up killing someone. Hollywood had apparently made enough money by the age of 20 that he paid cash for a $200,000 house. Where were their parents? Hell, where was the IRS?

As with all movies based on actual events, there are fudges and time lines that are changed. But the essence of this movie relates what really happened: these kids live in a very real, very dangerous world of drugs, but to them it's just a game. And everyone around them basically treated them like they were just kids having a good time. Someday they'd grow up. Unfortunately, one of them didn't get to and other's are growing up in jail.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Remember what I said yesterday? About watching movies so you don't have to and all that stuff? Well ditto on this one (can you tell Mr. H. and I are in between mailings of our Netflix?) Anyway, Sahara is one of those "blockbuster" movies with the hot, swashbuckling kinda guy (Matthew McConaughey - or McConahotty as my sister likes to call him) the zany side kick (Steve Zahn) and the improbably hot doctor for the WHO (Penélope Cruz). She's trying to find the source of a mysterious plague that's plaguing villages. They're trying to find a Civil War ship. They're in Mali in Africa - hence the name. They meet, and lo and behold , they're searching for the same thing (OK, not really, but the their things end up being in the same place and totally improbably connected). There are lots of action scenes, racing a yacht on the Niger, racing and then jumping onto a speeding train from camels (good thing the boys are special ops trained and she's a doctor or they never would have pulled that one off). There's a bad bad buy, a bad guy who's really a good guy and a guy who thinks he's good but turns out he's actually bad. All this in 124 minutes. Mr. H. and I are hoping this will be re-released at the IMAX, cause watching it on our little screen did it no justice. If I had a rating system, I'd say don't bother. But I don't, so do what ever you want.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Ah the wonder's of cable and the HBO package. Eventually you just run out of stuff to watch and you begin to think that reading is a much better way to pass your time. But fear not , I venture into the depths of cinematography so you don't have to. You can read your books and watch enlightened films, while I schlep through the dregs of celluloid.

Last night Mr. H. and I watched Idiocracy. A film by Mike Judge (did you know he was born in Ecuador - me either) staring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph. OK, so here's the deal - Wilson's character, a private in the army, likes to shirk duty, so he gets signed up for this experiment where he's going to be frozen for a year. Rudolph, a prostitute, is the female counterpart in this little experiment. Of course, things go horribly wrong and they end up being frozen for 500 years. Well 2506 is not the flying car future of our dreams (of course, neither is 2007, but that's another post). Seems everyone has gotten pretty stupid over the preceding 500 years because well the smart people aren't reproducing and the less that smart people are. When Luke wake's up, he's literally the smartest person on Earth.

Out of my say dozen friends my age, only two of those friends have kids. All the rest of us (maybe not the smartest people out there - but not among the less smart) are either still thinking about it, or not planning on having kids. Now, I don't have any friends I would consider "less smart" so I can't really speak to whether or not those people having more kids. But I definitely do feel sometimes that there is a dumbing down of the world. Sometimes I feel dumber, but that's probably all the dumb TV I watch. Anyway, even if the "smart" people aren't having kids, are we really getting out there and helping to leave no child behind or are we just sitting around watching our big screen TVs and hoping these problems take care of themselves?

I think this is the point Judge was trying to make with this movie. Unfortunately, the scathing wit he used to make Beavis and Butthead and Office Space was dumbed down just a little bit too much.

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