Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sledding might be an option

So there are six days left until Doomsday Part 1 arrives (no, it's not a new blockbuster movie, it's the first round of service cuts and fare hikes for the CTA). I just send pleading letter to the sate reps and governor through the Save Chicagoland Transit website (www.savechicagolandtransit.com). If you live in the greater Chicago area and use public transportation in any way (or count on others to use it so the roads aren't completely tied up), I suggest you jot off a note or give 'em a call yourself. I'm actually looking forward to the cuts. Maybe it's what we need to get (a) Rod out of office and (b) Daley out of office. I know it's not entirely their fault, but seriously, could we live in a city (and now state) that was any more corrupt?

Speaking of living in this city, lately I've been wondering if it really is that great of an option anymore. I mean (a) the city's raising taxes (b) the county's raising taxes (c) the state's raising taxes and (d) services are being cut. I know it's simplistic, and generally I'm all for more taxes to pay for services. But I'm just not seeing it. Plus, I totally don't trust our current administration to spend those taxes wisely. Apparently all of our money in Chicago/Cook County/Illinois just goes to grease someones palm (and it sure ain't mine). But where's a girl to move? I'm not sure I can handle larger than Chicago (so New York and L.A. are out). But I want metropolitan. Somewhere you can live and work in the city. So what does that leave me? Philadelphia? Boston? I'm open to ideas.

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