Monday, October 22, 2007

Shh...don't tell anyone I've gone shopping

I've signed up to be a secret shopper (and diner) with a couple of the secret shopper places. So far I've gone on two secret shops and tonight, Mr. H. and I are going to dinner. You don't really make that much money doing this (less than 10 bucks each time) but it's kinda interesting. I feel like a spy. One place I went, a popular clothing store, I didn't actually have to do any interacting with the sales people (other than to say "Just looking"). I just had to find some products and see if they had the sizes. It's funny because they make you memorize all these products types, so you can easily find them in the store. So you end up spending a bunch of time memorizing them in addition to the time in the store ( I think it took me about 45 minutes to find everything - of course, that included a 10 minute wait in the line for the dressing room so I could surreptitiously write some stuff down). So, the per hour pay isn't really that great. Plus, then there's the other types of shops, where you're directly reporting on sales people. I did this other office supplies store and I had to go around to several departments. I'm sorry to say that the employee who helped me, though very nice, and pretty much all I would hope for if I had been shopping, didn't try to "close the sale" so I had to report that. And then the person in the printing department was on break, and, of course, no one else in the store could help me, so that didn't reflect too nicely. Of course, if I had actually needed some printing done, I would have been annoyed with that. But still, it makes me feel a little bad to tell on these people who are basically working a crappy retail job that they (rightfully so) probably hate.

Tonight, Mr. H. and I are off to eat dinner at some bar/restaurant. You get a little money (5 bucks) but basically it's a free meal. And since we're trying to spend less money going out, doing these occasional dinners as places we've never eaten at before sounds like fun. I'll let you know how it goes.

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