Monday, September 17, 2007

Running on Cold

Saturday morning Mr. H., my sis and I went out to do the Walter Payton 16,726 Yard Run in Arlington Heights. Now I didn't do all 16,726 yards. I did the 5k run. Mr. H. and my sis did the full 16,726 yards, which is Payton's career yardage. The run benefits the Walter Payton Cancer Fund - so that's a good thing, and it's always a good thing to get up early in the morning and get your exercising out of the way. I even made a friend the last mile. We ran kept each other company so we didn't just give up. I came in 14th in my age group (35 - 40, so I'm a youngun in that group). Not too bad, though there weren't really that many people in my age group (30 to be exact). I ran a 30.27 (so less than a 10 min mile pace, which is good for me) and finished 128 overall. The really fun thing about this run was the weather. September begins really good running weather because it has finally cooled down. But Saturday morning was a record setting low temperature, and it was in the 40's at 8 a.m. when the race began. My hands never did warm up, and Mr. H. said it took him about 3 miles for his hands to warm up, so I guess if I had kept running, maybe I would have been able to feel my fingers. But, no need, once I was done I was able to put back on my sweatshirt and wait by the finish line for Mr. H. and the sis to get in. They both had pretty good times, 1.13.06 (17th in age group, 75th overall) and 1.32.33 (14th in age group, 283 overall) respectively. I really have little to no desire to run further than 5 miles at any one time (though I am training for a 10k next month). The sis has talked about doing the marathon several times, and was training for it this year, but her training went awry. Mr. H. has wanted to do a half marathon, but now that he's got his first taste of distance running, he's started talking about doing a marathon. I'm more than happy to stick to my little 5ks and the occasional 8 and 10k. I've never really liked running that much, I don't think I have the right body type for it (I'm a better cyclist). But I have grown to like it more, and I like the effects of the exercise. And being competitive, I like seeing my times improve and getting faster (even if I'm still going slow). Check back and I'll have pictures posted from the run.

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