Monday, September 10, 2007

Hot Fuzz

warning: contains a little itty bitty spoiler

Mr. H. and I watched Hot Fuzz last night. It was funny. It's by those guys that made Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. If you've seen Shaun, then you'll notice the several references to it. At one point, Simon's character, Nick, takes a short cut over several gates. He does it with the expertise of a well-trained gate jumper. In Shaun, he takes a similar short cut, falling over the gates. As in Shaun, the stupid mundane things become funny. But, as with my last review, sitting at my desk the day after watching the movie (OK, it's really three days after watching the movie because it's actually Wednesday, not Monday like I said it was at the top of this post - but don't tell anyone) I can't remember anything really funny that would totally want to make you watch this movie. Just trust me, it's funny. I watched the outtakes and some of the cut scenes the next day (which would be impossible for me to tell you if this was really Monday as it wouldn't have happened yet, but since it's Wednesday, it's totally possible), they were funny too. All in all I give this a big NetFlix it. Mr. H. has already added Shaun of the Dead to our at home collection, so I could see this joining it. Of course, this one doesn't have zombies, just weird old towns people killing other towns people because they are spoiling the perfectness of said town (which is why little English towns are so cute) - so that may keep this one off the list of must owns. But it's definitely a movie I could see wanting to watch again - so possibly an own it.

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