Friday, September 28, 2007


Last night, Mr. H. treated me to the movie Bug. Treated isn't really the right word. First of all, it's not like we went out, he rented it from Netflix. Secondly, a movie about people going insane and thinking that they are infested by tiny little bugs and a scene that seriously almost made me throw up wasn't a treat.

So the premise is, Agnes (Ashley Judd - who would have thought she'd be in something so bizarre as this) is a screwed up, alcoholic woman who's getting mysterious phone calls from no one and meets a similarly screwed up Peter (Michael Shannon). They both descend into the depths of paranoia because of a perceived bug infestation. They think it's a minuscule Aphid (a type of plant lice).

Obviously not a happy movie, I spent the first 40 minutes or so wondering why this woman hated her life so. Other than her perfectly arched eyebrows, Ashley looked pretty screwed up. We then find out that several years ago, someone kidnapped her six-year old son and he was never found. Sure, that's going to screw with a girl. Throw in a ex-husband (played by Harry Connick Jr.) who was recently released from jail, like to hit and doesn't ask before he steals money and cigarettes out of her purse, and you're bound to go a little crazy. To make matters worse, she lives in Oklahoma.

I watched the second half of the movie cringing and marveling at the shared craziness. When it was over (not a happy ending - that's all I'll say), I looked at Mr. H. with what was apparently disgust and incredulousness because all he could say is "what?" like he didn't know. Now, aside from the grossness of this movie (which normally doesn't bother me - maybe it's just the idea of tiny little bugs crawling all over my skin), I thought it was pretty good. And I like movies that make you think. Maybe they're not really making it all up. What if there is some sort of conspiracy? And I usually like movies that don't really have a point other than to tell a story. And tell a story this one does. It's a watning to (1) never live in Oklahoma (b) always watch your children while you're in the grocery store and (3) don't let strange men who may or may not have been experimented on by the government stay overnight.

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Anonymous said...

Good synopsis, though I take issue with the description of their shifting mental state as a descent “into the depths of paranoia.” I prefer to ruminate upon their journey as a psychological ascendance to the very pinnacle of shared lunacy. A cognitive sojourn of young lovers in love hitchhiking their way across the vast highway of crazy. Makes me all warm and gooey inside. Of course, that might be just the egg sacks exploding in my spleen

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