Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Big Bounce

Last night we watched The Big Bounce featuring Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen, Morgan Freeman and Gary Sinise. The movie is an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel and a remake of a '69 based on the novel. I'd never heard of the movie before, but as I scanned through the upcoming movies on HBO, I thought I'd DVR it because I'd never seen it and it had some good names in it. Well, I was wrong. The acting in this is terrible. Owen Wilson plays pretty much his funny, goofy good bad guy character. Gary Sinise and Morgan Freeman play their roles OK, but they're not really in it much. Charlie Sheen had a bit of an out of character role, playing a sleazy, mustachioed guy. But the acting that was truly horrible was Sara Foster who played the girl that gets Owen Wilson in trouble. Maybe she was being directed to act the way she was, and I realize that her role as the hot girl didn't need much more talent that her perfect body (which we definitely got to see - she's an ex model making her movie debut here), but I guess I expected a little more from a movie with this caliber of actors. I don't even know where to start with what I didn't like about her. Pretty much everything. She seemed more like she was play acting to be a bad girl rather than actually acting the part. Pretty much everyone seemed like they were calling in their parts rather than actually acting. Of course, when Sinise and Freeman do this, it's still actually OK, but very sub par for them.

The movie's supposed to be a comedy while keeping you guessing about who is really conning who (oh, did I mention the plot is that Owen and his girl are going to rip off her lover except you're not really sure who is actually conning who - I guess I forgot since it's a typical Leonard plot). There were few laughs and I actually figured out the con well before you were supposed to (which is saying something because normally I'm pretty obtuse about that kind of stuff).

Overall, don't rent it, don't even bother to DVR it when it comes on HBO. Just skip it all together unless you have a specific reason to see it like you're trying to watch every Sinise movie ever made (in which case, my thoughts are with you on this one).

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