Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Washing Woes

Last night Mr. H. and I had some washing to do. Mr. H. does most of the washing because he's good like that. Recently he's been unhappy because the washing machine in our apartment building seems to be leaving various stains on our clothes. We're not really sure what the issue is. It could be rust. It could be that our machine is dirty (which seems like an oxymoron, how could something that is supposed to clean something be dirty? But apparently it happens). Anyway, I did a little research yesterday on how to clean a washing machine, what to do, how to take the drum out etc. Sounds like lots of fun. Of course, living in an apartment building, you'd expect the landlord to do this. But when I called him about it the other day, he didn't seem inclined to think this was anything but my fault (though he said he'd have the maintenance guy take a look at it). So, in desperate need of clean sheets and socks, Mr. H. and I came up with an alternate plan. You'd think this would involve driving to one of the many laundromats in our neighborhood (now I know why no one else in the building seems to do laundry downstairs), but you'd think wrong. It so happens that my sister and her family is out of town (Hawaii to be exact). And they have a very nice washer and dryer set. They also have a large television on which we thought would be fun to watch The Matrix whilst we were doing our laundry. So over to the sister's house we go. We load up the car, we stop by the grocery store to pick up some food, we unload the car, we load up the large washing machine (we could have brought more!) we settle down to cook dinner and watch The Matrix while the machine quietly agitates upstairs. We run into our first snag - the DVD player is not hooked up. Being the non-technically challenged gal that I am, I would have hooked it up except that there are no cables. So now we're stuck finding something to watch on the 300+ channels of my sister's satellite (fat chance!). OK, so we focus on making dinner and watching mindless Monday night sitcoms (though I do love Two and a Half Men - Sheen's so cute). When Mr. H. makes a run upstairs to change out the laundry, wtf, it's taking forever. You see, we're used to machines with few choices. You know - hot, warm, cold - delicate, permanent press, regular. That's it. Her machine had those choices and some. You could have a cold, cold wash or a warm, cold wash. You could have a delicate cycle or a hand wash cycle (I think the hand wash cycle involves little pixies swimming around gently agitating your clothes). You could have a pre-soak, pre-wash and extra rinse. Anyway, we just wanted our clothes regular clean, not super-duper, smashed on rocks and wringed by my grandmother clean. Hubby had chosen a slightly longer cycle. Live and learn. Needless to say, we would have saved quite a bit of time just going to the neighborhood laundromat. But our sheets are clean and Mr. H. is wearing socks...so it's all good.

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