Monday, August 13, 2007

Telling it to my heart

Mr. H. and I went to the Halstead Market Days street fair last night. In addition to the usual vendors selling cheap sunglasses and handmade purses, and the boys wearing next to nothing (generally more specific to this street fair due to the location), we also got to see Taylor Dane perform. It made it the best street fair we've gone to this summer (for some reason this is the year of the street fair for us). Taylor looks pretty good for her age (which we and the rest of the guys around us suspect to be in the 45 - 50 range). She's definitely had some work done though, and the very low-cut dress revealed boobs that definitely are not her originals. Regardless, it was a fun way to end our weekend.


Anonymous said...

I really wish I hadn't checked your blog when I I'll have that song stuck in my head all day, and I'm really in no position to have any brain cells devoted to Taylor Dane today.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Dane, AKA Leslie Wonderman
Born: Mar 7, 1962 in Long Island, NY. Joined New Jersey State Fair at the age of 11 as newest member of “The Fabulous Wondermans,” a family freak/performance act, specializing in sword swallowing. Split from group in 1982 due to internal conflicts, became solo performer and part time lumberjack. Visited several plagues upon carnival workers from Maine to the Midwest, citing personal issues and iron deficiency for the fiercest pox: a medieval hex inflicting victims with bearded boils and lemon infused razor tipped excrement. Launched personal recording label in late 1985, focused all energies, funds and satanic confluences into singing career.

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