Thursday, August 16, 2007

My life in the movies

I have a splitting headache and a very strong desire to tell every person that is any noise at all to shut the hell up. But this goes entirely against my desire to understand and accept people around me as all followers of Yoga should do. Instead I will chew on a piece of gum and tell you a story.

Mr. H. and I watched a movie the other night, The Science of Sleep. It's a good movie, but it's French. Which isn't a bad thing. But, having to work with a stereotypical French man every day, my tolerance level of French weirdness is apparently somewhat strained. On the good side, it has Gael Garcia Bernal in it. If you don't know who he is, you should check out his movies. He's been in the Motorcycle Diaries, and Y tu mama tambien, and Amores perros. He's a wonderful actor in some great movies. He's also very pleasant to look at.

As you probably know by now, I really like watching movies (and not just ones with cute leading men). There are some movies I think are close to perfect and there are other movies that are just entertaining. Rarely do I find a movie I actually can't stand. However, the other night Mr. H. insisted on watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - that awful Kevin Costner film that came out in '91. I can't believe how bad it is. I knew it was bad, I'd already seen it back then, but it's really bad. Costner in NO WAY has an English accent, the plot is almost as ridiculous as the costumes, and did I mention Costner's accent? Anyway, less than half way through I left the room in disgust. Mr. H. gave up a little while later, but that was just because it was time to go to bed. A few days later, he tried again...but after half an hour he conceded that much like Waterworld, this was not Costner's finest work.

How does one live down a truly horrendous movie? I mean, Costner had some good movies - Dances with Wolves (which actually came out just the year before RH), Bull Durham is one of my favorite baseball movies, and you already know I like The Untouchables. He was also in Night Shift as Frat Boy #1 - so he can't be all bad. But really, some of the crap he's done since then. Has it just become a pay check for him (which really, can I fault him because it's not like I'm out there trying to win any Academy Awards for my job - but then again, I don't quite have as much control over my job as I imagine him to have).

So who can say what kind of movies I'd be making if I had continued along my acting path that I took up in grade school instead changing my major to journalism. Would I be making wonderfully provocative yet somewhat annoying French films or banal, useless big budget Hollywood movies? Who knows, maybe I'd be big in Bollywood.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt you'd be HUGE in Bollywood, with you being a triple threat and such. Singing? Check. Dancing? Check and double check. Acting? Well, isn't the whole world a stage?

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