Monday, August 27, 2007

Locked Out

Last night, after going to the Whole Foods Market Days with my sister, her husband and the kids, Mr. H. and before we went to dinner, Mr. H. went to the car to get something out of it (a pair of my sister's shoes I had borrowed and some leeks if you must know). Despite his best efforts, he could not get the door unlocked. I came out to help, and sure enough, it wasn't our keys, but the door that has refused to unlock. Now, if you read my recent posting about the Jetta, you'll know that our driver's side lock does not work (the lock cylinder broke during a cold snap a couple of winters ago - if you must know). So we only had one working lock. Now we have none. We have various theories on why the lock won't unlock:
  1. The Jetta is tired now that it's hit 100,000 miles and is trying to dissuade us from driving
  2. The Jetta knows how expensive gas is and is just trying to save us a few bucks
  3. The Jetta misses the Lakeview neighborhood (and hates the Logan Square where we routinely only see one other Jetta) and so is prohibiting us from leaving

Unfortunately for the Jetta, and fortunately for us, there are locksmiths. We left the car there (being a Sunday we didn't want to pay Sunday locksmith prices) and my sister gave us a ride home (harking back to my no car days). Today, Mr. H. met the locksmith there and he opened the door (without, I imagine, the help of a rock - which was my idea on how to get the car door open). Now it's on to the shop to fix the locks (probably both since it's obviously a bad idea to have only one working lock) and to coax yet a few more miles out of our Beat up Old Jetta-liner.

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Unknown said...

This afternoon, I committed the most stupid basic elementary error of any driver. I locked the car keys inside the car! And I didn’t realize it for almost an hour. And I called to locksmith company. They said that locksmith will come in 30-40 minutes. Probably he has a lot of work. Within 10 minutes time, the locksmith arrived. He was a tall and fair guy. He brought along all his gears from lightweight to heavyweight. He checked my ID and opened the car in 15 minutes. I was happy, but after that case I made an extra key.

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