Friday, August 31, 2007

Is it really a great america?

For several years, my mom, stepdad, my sister, one of my sister's friends, one of my friend's and I would pile into our car ( I don't ever remember having a car that large - but I guess we were smaller back then) and drive out to Great America. Each year we'd all guess what time we would get there. It seemed so much further away than it does now. It also seems like we left before day break, but that can't be true, since I don't think the park opens before 10 a.m. It was great. We'd get 20 bucks at the door and told what time to meet up for lunch and we were off. Of course, Great America had it's ups and downs (no pun intended). It was so exciting to go on the different rides and test your stomach. But it sucked having to wait in the long, long lines. And those lines just got longer the older we got (and I think my stomach got weaker too). So after a while, around high school, my Great America (and Cedar Point when I lived in Ohio) goings trailed off. I once went with Mr. H. (way before I was Mrs. H.) to Cedar Point. He didn't really like it. Lines too long, humanity too stinky, something like that. And I think the last time I went to Great America was maybe more than 7 years ago with my brother-in-law's sister. Neither of us was really feeling too good that day, so we left after only a few hours.

Well, after all this time I'm going back, and taking Mr. H. with me. It's the Merc's annual Great America outing, and as customers of the Merc, we're eligible to buy tickets. I've hear it's so much cooler when there aren't millions of people at the park, just thousands. My sister's been to with the Merc before, and she said it was pretty cool. Also, my mom and my brother are coming with us. Little bro J. has never been on a roller coaster (not an adult must be over 54 inches one anyway). Now that he's over 72 inches, I don't think we'll have a problem getting him on the rides. So, maybe it's a bad idea and it'll end badly. Maybe I'll end up getting woozy like I did last time. Maybe Mr. H. won't care that all of humanity isn't represented, it's still humanity and he hates it. Maybe J. will be a scaredy cat and not go on any of the roller coasters. And maybe my mom will throw out her back. But that's not stopping me from being excited!

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