Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beat Up Old Jetta-liner

The Red Jetta hit 100,000 miles this weekend. It was quite an event. Mr. H. and I were on our way home from celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we were stuck in traffic outside of Chicago and the odometer was slowly ticking down the last few miles to 100,000. There was no party, no balloons, cake or champagne. Just a quick high five before I got both hands bank on the wheel.

The Jetta's not in perfect shape - we can only unlock the car from the passenger side, getting into first can be sticky, the rear right door doesn't open at all (nor does it have an interior covering) and the truck opening button inside the car only works every once in a very great while (having it work was one of the highlights of our anniversary weekend) - but it's still a good little car.

We tried to name it after we got it from my sister and brother-in-law. But Mr. H. has had a couple of Jetta's, so all the good names were taken: Joan Jetta, Bennie and the Jetta's, so we never did it. Now she's getting on in age and probably won't last much longer...or she shouldn't last much longer. She's been in the family for several years now, and there's some talk of teaching my brother to drive stick on her because really, how much more could he screw up the transmission? But for now, Mr. H. and I are holding on to her until she stops running or we feel we must get a new car.

PS - Sorry D - I'll write something new tomorrow.

PPS - That's not a picture of our Jetta, just another '95 I found online.

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