Monday, July 9, 2007

Sun and Poker

It's not a good idea to go to the beach and forget to put sun screen on your stomach. Especially if you're wearing a bikini (even if it's one of those "boy shorts" ones, that covers up most of your ass, but not so much of your stomach). I'm past the "oh my God, I burnt my stomach so much I can barely move" stage, and into the "yuck, my skin is sloughing off" stage. Not fun, and kinda itchy.

On a totally different note, since when did Poker become a sport. I mean really? I'm looking for listings for the Tour de France, and it's showing me poker tournaments. There is no sport there (except being a good sport when you loose - and you will loose). OK, so I looked up the definition of sport (n) and the first definition is "a source of diversion." So I guess poker is a sport. Then so is reading (which means I'm very sporty). But seriously, do we consider this a "real" sport?

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