Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knocked Up

Last night Mr. H and I saw Knocked Up. It's a romantic comedy (which means it's a funny love story, which means it'll probably be sappy and, if most romantic comedies are any indication, not that funny) about a woman and a man who have a one-night stand, a misunderstanding about the condom and then she gets pregnant (I would have said, "they" get pregnant, but Mr. H. has forbade me to ever refer to couples both being pregnant as only the woman is pregnant). Normally, Mr. H. doesn't like to attend romantic comedies. First, he's not one for sappy stuff. Second, as mentioned before, they aren't usually that funny. But, yesterday he was being especially nice to me as I had had a "medical procedure" earlier that day and so was doing whatever I wanted to do. So when we decided to go to a movie, and he was presented with the choices of Hostile 2 or Knocked Up, he probably picked the later because he knew I'd enjoy it more than the former. That isn't to say he didn't want to see Knocked Up. We'd heard that it actually was pretty funny. And it was pretty funny.

Of course, this couple isn't right for each other. Alison's a pretty, blond, budding on-screen personality on E! Ben's a pot-smoking unemployed Jew who spends time with his friends building a web site that outlines all of the tits and ass shots in your favorite movies. She's tall and thin, he's short and fat. Pretty basic movie ploys. When she gets pregnant, we see her struggle with the decision to acknowledge it, then struggle with the decision to tell him, then struggle with the decision to keep the baby (though I read a review that knocked the movie for never once uttering the word "abortion." Which is true, it didn't. But it deal with the issue. Her mother tells her to "have it taken care of." Most of his friends say that she should "have it taken care of." True, not the advancements in women's rights we'd like since Roe v. Wade, but hey, this is Hollywood, at least they alluded to a woman's right to choose in a big-budget romantic comedy.). And choose she did. She chose to keep the baby and try to make things work with the father. She also chooses to not tell her boss about it until she's about eight months pregnant and he confronts her (OK, one step back for women's rights).

Overall the movie was funny, but, as a lot of romantic comedies, not that memorable. The relationship between Ben and his friends reminds you of the stoner friends from college that just never seem to move on. Paul Rudd continues he sidekick career as the sister's husband who is disillusioned with marriage and family and who's only outlet is his fantasy baseball league that he hides from his wife. His budding friendship with Ben (and their trip to Vegas to blow off steam) brings some good laughs. Katherine Heigl is funny and cute, but the movie leaves most of the comedy to the guys (though Katherine and Leslie Mann have a good moment together as sister's trying to get into a club even though one's too old and the other's too pregnant).

I'd rate this a 3 out of 5 - a good date movie that the men will like because there's enough funny drugs and sex humor to tide them over the girl crying. Oh, I almost forgot, when Allison's in labor and pushing the baby out, there's a pretty explicit shot of the baby crowning. Actually, there are two shots of it. So two steps forward for women's rights!

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