Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Friday

Yesterday's post was kinda a downer (though I tried to end on an up note). Today, I have added a Summer Goings On section. Each summer there are so many festivals, events, markets...and while it's impossible to get to all of them, I rarely get to any of them. But that's not to say I won't try yet once again. So, to help you (an myself) out, I've started a listing on the right hand side of events that are coming up. This weekend we have the Wonder Girl 5k (which I've already mentioned) as well as the Logan Square Farmer's Market starting up. A little plug for Mr. H's place of employment: next weekend is the Poetry Center Friendraiser - won't you be a friend and come? Poetry Center will also be at the upcoming Printer's Row Book Fair.

If you have an event you're participating in, know about, want to add to the list, whatever, let me know. I know that my loyal four readers (I've gained one since last month) are always saying that we need to get together more often and do these types of things. So lets make this the summer we really try.

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