Friday, May 11, 2007


  • Still haven't figured out why I become so annoyed. But then again, haven't really been overly annoyed lately.
  • Every day I do the crossword puzzle and the sudoku in the Red Eye. Every day there seems to be (a) at least one or two words (well really I should say at least two or four, because if you can't figure out one word, that means you really can't figure out two) I can't figure out in the cross word and (b) at least one answer to a clue I do not agree with. After we're done with the crossword, Mr. H. calls me and we discuss. He helps me figure out the words that weren't coming, and we contemplate writing letters to the editor of the crossword about some of his more nonsensical clues (yesterday's weird one was Lamenter's Words = AHME, the other day it was Hugs and Kisses = SPOON).
  • Since moving to the new neighborhood, we haven't really seen any one. Well last weekend a friend came over and we went to breakfast at a lovely greasy spoon kinda place. It was good. But this weekend, we have plans to get some of our other friends to the new hood. It's funny how moving to a slightly fringe neighborhood in this city is like moving the boonies. My sister keeps complaining that I live the longest four miles in the world. She does has a point there. There is no good route between her house and my house. And since we're used to living a few blocks apart, four miles is a lot. Anyway, we may be going out with a friend of ours tonight. And then tomorrow night, our previous neighbors (but still current friends) may be driving over to show us their new car and to go to dinner. Then on Sunday, we're celebrating Mother's Day at one of the near by parks with a picnic (that is of course, if our mother accepts, neither of us has talked to her about it yet).
  • I've been experimenting with taking the Metra instead of the L. It's closer to my house and drops me off across the street from my office. Of course, like everything, there are some good and bad things. Mostly the good wins out. Pros: It's closer, faster, smells nicer, I get a seat, I know when the train is coming. Cons: No one likes to sit next to each other, and since it's not so crowded that everyone has to sit next to someone, when you do sit down next to someone, it's a little weird, like they resent you; it's more expensive; the train only comes at certain times, which means if I'm running late, I'm going to miss a train, or if I want to go earlier, I have to go earlier by like 30-40 minutes, not just 15; the conductors on the trains are a weird; I kinda feel like a poser since I'm not like the majority of the people on the train that live in the burbs, just one of those that live close to one of the few city stops. So there's a trade off.
  • I've gotten myself back to the gym this week. The last two weeks were difficult because of the move. I pretty much wrote off going before the move since we had so much to do, and then after, I felt like I had worked out enough that week. So it's good to go back. I did Pilates on Monday and jogged on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm still trying to really tone and lose like five pounds. I know, I know, I don't really need to lose five pounds. I'm not overweight. But a few weeks ago when I couldn't fit into my tight, skinny jeans, I almost had a melt down. I think even more than losing five pounds would be to lose two inches on my hips. I'm a hippy girl. And for the most part that's OK. But I refuse to turn into all hips. I remember looking at my teacher in 8th grade, and she had huge hips. He wasn't fat, she just had big hips. It's one of the reasons I'm afraid to have a baby. I'd really turn into all hips. Just thinking about it is freaking me out. I should go work out now!

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