Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To every thing there is a season

Yesterday I had the luxury of having about 45 minutes to "kill" before my hair appointment. It was beautiful outside, so I stopped at the Starbucks, got an iced coffee, and sat and read. So nice. Nice to sit outside and read. Nice to watch the people go by. Nice to wonder what kind of behemoth dog that woman had. It was a Newfoundland. This time of year is so pretty, every thing is in bloom, the trees have leaves, it's warm (but not too hot)...yes, it's Spring. Of course, in Chicago, Spring only lasts about two seconds before it moves into full fledged Summer with crazy humidity and soaring temperatures. But I'm not complaining. I like Summer too. Every year, as I finally shed the coat, I wonder how it is I walked around all winter with this extra five pounds draped over me. Of course, when it's five below, I wonder how it will ever be warm enough to walk around without a coat, without a light sweater even. Such is the way of life, of seasons. If it weren't for the frigid cold, we wouldn't enjoy the warmth so much, and if it weren't for the blistering hot, we wouldn't long for the snow. Just remember, don't bitch about it so much that you forget to enjoy it while it's here.

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