Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mini vacation

Last fall I went on a vacation riding my scooter. It's a Vespa LXV. It's green. It's cool. Now, as you know, getting around on a scooter on the highway isn't recommended. And since I only had one vacation day left last fall when I needed a vacation (the other's were taken for boring, mundane things like getting married and ... well days off needing to plan to get married), going far away wasn't really an option. So, I went on vacation to Lincoln Park. I know, it's not too exciting, but it's better than going no where. I zipped over then in about 40 minutes down Fullerton. Once I got there, I rode my Vespa down Cannon Drive and checked out some of the softball games. After that, I stopped at the boat on North Ave. beach and had some dinner. I headed North after dinner, and found a nice place to rest under the trees around Diversey harbor. I played a nice game of Putt Putt by the Diversey Golfing Range before hopping back on the Vespa and going home.

OK, it was a short vacation, but still, it was a vacation.

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