Monday, May 7, 2007

I moved recently...give me a blog entry:

Moving is hard. Not that you don't know that already. It never goes the way you think it's going to go. The movers are late, the new tenant is early, they're still painting your apartment. But hey, it's all part of the experience right?

Mr. H. and I are still getting used to our new neighborhood, Logan Square. It's quite different from our old neighborhood, Lakeview/Wrigleyville. A lot of the reasons we wanted to move are, oddly enough, a lot of the reasons we miss it. We didn't like a lot of the people or the amount of people in the hood. It tended to attract a lot of recent college grads that could at times be loud and obnoxious. Of course, those college grads, with all their disposable income, needed places to eat and drink and shop, so we had the benefit of living very close to a lot of restaurants and bars and stores. Our new neighborhood caters to quite a different demographic. A lot of hipsters live very close to the square, but go a few blocks outside it, and it's pretty much only residential. This decreases the amount of noise and drunken rantings on the sidewalks at 2 a.m., but then again, it also means we have to travel a bit further if we want to go out. Parking is better, which I like a lot. We don't have to arrange our schedule around the Cubs home games. We managed to go to Target twice over the weekend and never had a problem getting a spot when we got home. The trips to Target (and Bed Bath and Beyond and the Container Store and World Market) were for all those things that you somehow need in new home that for some reason you didn't need in your old place ... a cart for the kitchen, stuff to hang your pictures, a drill, more storage items. Of course we're still looking for a few things. We got rid of our old coffee table cause Mr. H. didn't like now we're looking for a new one. We now have a spare bedroom, which is basically our study and library. But it's a pretty big room and we need a nice sitting/reading chair in it. So if you have any of those things let us know. I'd like to get something with a little character, not just your basic throw-away furniture from Target/IKEA. All-in-all the it's going OK. We started to hang pictures and make the apartment look like our own (Mr. H. loves the new drill). I predict in the next week or so it'll be pretty much done. Feel free to drop by sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your very own drill. You're such grown-ups now! We miss you!

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