Thursday, May 31, 2007

and on and on

Today I have walked past two homeless men. The first one was sitting in the train station as I was going to work this morning. The second one was walking down the street as I was returning to work after lunch. I feel sad when I see homeless people. I want to reach out and do something. But then I realize that I can't possibly know what the right thing to do (maybe the right thing to do is to keep on walking) and I get frustrated with the world's problems. There are so many people out there trying to do the right thing - feed the hungry, house the homeless, teach the illiterate and on and on - how is it that we never seem to make any progress? With all the money that celebrities and rich people throw at the big issues of the day - AIDS, tsunami, hurricanes, genocide and on and on - how can these problems not possibly be solved? Every day, there is some new travesty in life. Some new thing calling our attention - a mother hanging her children and then herself, a child shot on his way to school, a baby abandoned just minutes after its birth and on and on - how can any one person find the room in their heart for it all? That's the one question I can answer: we can't. We can't possibly make room in our hearts for it all. And because we know we can't, we do nothing. An understandable response, but the one that helps the least. So if I can't fix everything, if I can't help each and everyone of the homeless people in the city, or abandoned babies, or sick persons, I can do one thing and keep doing it. Maybe this has made sense to you much earlier than it has made sense to me, and I guess in some way I knew it before. But if everyone really took this sentiment to heart, if each person did one thing, volunteered for one organization (and I'm not talking money here, but time) then maybe we would really start to make a difference in this world and there wouldn't be so many mothers who feel life is so bad that even their children shouldn't be living, or who feel they have no choice but to abandoned their child, or there wouldn't be so many men who never got the chances they needed to do something with their lives, or stop the decline, or there wouldn't be so many sick and dying people and on and on.

Just so you know, I had started to volunteer with this organization called Girls on the Run about a year ago. I did a couple of events, but then stopped making it a priority. I just received an email from their volunteer coordinator and am now going to volunteer at the Wondergirl 5K this Sunday. And I'm going to make the commitment to continue to volunteer with them.

Feel free to tell me what you're going to do!

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