Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet another blog about blogging

Lately I've been keeping notes in my blog that I don't publish about things I would like to blog about in the future. This really is becoming my journal of sorts, but its different than all those blank books I used to write in because (a) I know someone is reading this (even if it is the same three people) and (b) I'm much older now. I do occasionally write in my paper journals still. It's nice writing something that is private. And, much like typing, I like the very act of writing something long hand. Of course, I can't write as quickly as I type, so I often find my thoughts ahead of my hand. Anyway, journaling of any sort is fun, it's for me, it's what I do. And I have had some positive response to my blog (at least by the three people that read it). Why just today I had a call from a loyal reader (thanks D), who practically begged me to blog (you must be bored at work). And that's nice. But the other day I heard through a friend that someone felt my blog entry on things that I still think about made him uncomfortable. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just interesting. I have lots of uncomfortable stories to tell, we all probably do. However, most people don't tell them. Is this good or bad? The stories about things I had done in the past were about me (obviously) so I didn't feel bad talking about them. The only person you're going to think badly of is me. But I have other stories to tell. Stories that are not totally my stories. Is it OK to tell those stories? What if I change the names of people? What if I weave in some fiction with the truth (but tell you I'm doing that so you don't think that I'm totally telling the truth - we don't want a repeat of A Million Little Pieces)? Of course, do I really want to tell you that things may or may not be true? Last Friday, when I blogged about art in Chicago, I said that I had gone into the lobby of the Sears Tower recently. That was a lie. I have been in there recently, but not on the day I said I had. Is that bad? Are you made at me? Why did I say that? Because it served my purpose to tell the story. It didn't really matter that you didn't know that I had gone into the Sears Tower a few months ago to go to lunch at the cafeteria downstairs, and walked by that sculpture because it's on the way to the escalator. Look, I'm doing you a favor by leaving out extraneous detail really. People are always telling me my stories are too long and to get to the point. OK, so what is the point? The point is that sometimes, some of the stuff I write may have bits of fiction added. When it does, I will add a label called names changed to protect the innocent. Now you'll know - of course, you won't know what I made up.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you for writing. I wouldn't say that I was bored, per se, at work, more like starved for something other than what I was doing and your blog often serves as that break that I need to re-charge myself.

Secondly, I found your entry on things that you still think about to be quite provocative, in as much as it made me think about what I still think about. I'm sorry that it made someone uncomfortable, but I thought it was touching and very human.

Finally, is the truth variable? Yes, names/dates/details can be changed, and thus the truth is altered, but if you ask two people who have witnessed the same situation, you will get two different answers. Are they both the truth? Probably. It, too, may be in the eye of the beholder. Since, however, this is your blog and your truth, then there is probably only one version that is authentic, but I don't believe that making a few editorial changes for the sake of brevity or to emphasize a point brings you to the brink of Frey-dom.

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