Thursday, April 19, 2007

Road to freedom

Another day, another dollar (well more than that, but you know what I mean). If each day is just a mindless march after the previous day, why do we do it at all? Can one really "live off the grid" when one has been brought up on it? How do you get off, and where do you go, and can I take my shoes with me? How can we truly be free when we are beholden to all the things in our lives. Even if I get rid of the stuff that attaches me to this consumeristic existence, even if I whittle my daily life down to only the necessities, food, water, clothing, shelter of the most basic sort, I still have obligations (and therefore less freedom). I do not want to be free of my friends and family. I do not want to be free of my fellow man (even if he drives me insane with his never ending ranting). And yes, I do not want to be free to live the frivolous life (sometimes) because only through that frivolousness do I learn how to be free. Maybe not of body, but of mind

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