Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dissillusionment Day

Watched Children of Men last night. Sad movie. I came home in sort of a sad mood. All day at work I had been dealing with trying to get satellite for my new apartment. I kept having to call "someone else" because of my particular circumstances. It was stupid. I was almost ready to forget it and chuck the whole TV thing all together. I mean really, do I need to watch TV? No. So I guess on my way home I was thinking about our overly consumerist society and how I feel at odds with it. Then I passed people who were (a) not white and (b) doing fairly menial jobs and just felt worse. Sure, I don't know anything about their situations. Maybe they are totally happy doing their jobs. Maybe the reason they have those jobs instead of other, better paying jobs, has nothing to do with the color of their skin or the country they are from. Unfortunately, it's hard to believe that. Then I get home and I watch this movie about the world falling apart because for some reason humans can no longer reproduce. It's like God or Nature or whatever has decided that we've screwed the world up too much that it's done with us. Because of this, the world sorta implodes. The movie never really tells you why, but most governments fall apart. People start revolting and living in anarchy. I completely expect this to start happening any day. If not because we suddenly have a complete drop in fertility rates, then because there has been one too many school shootings, or we find out that yet another contract/job/company has been given some great preference, to the disservice to most of the world's citizens, because they knew the right person(s) in government.

So I guess you can say I'm having one of those disillusionment days. I'm sure tomorrow I'll have forgotton all about it, and continue on with my life until I have another DD.

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