Monday, April 2, 2007

Discontented with Content

As many of you know, I often blog (and complain) about the CTA. Today I was all set to complain because not only did they begin the three tracking at Belmont and Fullerton, but they also shut down the Southport Brown Line station, forcing me to walk to Paulina. But as it happens, the commute wasn't actually that bad, and I got in maybe 10 minutes later than I normally do (I'm looking at the walk as extra exercise that I certainly can use).

The other thing on my complaining mind has been this search for a new apartment. After seeing almost a dozen apartments (only one or two of which I seriously considered living in), Mr. H. and I found what I am hoping will be our new home, but now we're in the waiting game that is called the credit and application check. I don't think we'll have any issues here, but of course, you can never be sure. Obviously, if for some reason, we're not going to get the apartment, I'd like to know as soon as possible, so I can continue to look for some place to live. I'm obviously NOT warming to the idea on saving for rent come May because I'm homeless.

But other than that, I really have nothing to complain about - which is kinda annoying. If I have nothing to complain about, how will I know when I am happy and content?

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