Monday, March 12, 2007

The meaning of responsibility

When I started this blog, I didn't realize the responsibility I would have to my readers. If for some reason I skip blogging for a day or so, my in box looks worse than if I accidently clicked on a male enhancement ad. What is worse, I try to be a responsible person. Take for instance electronics. I noticed an article in the Tribune about recycling electronics. Now if you're anything like me (which - really - I hope you're not), you have a drawer of discarded electronic items that either not longer work or that you're just not using anymore. Mine contains the following: a Sony walkman circa 1999, in working condition; a no longer working Palm Pilot; a working film camera that I keep around just in case the digital goes haywire; a Zip drive - working, but really, who needs that now that I have an external hard drive?; my old cell phone with not one but two chargers and a car charger; a working Palm Pilot that I just don't use anymore; my old iPod that Mr. H. inherited and is only really used on car trips; not one but two miniature cassette recorders - well one is actually a digital recorder - one mine, one Mr. H's, that we both keep around to use for our insights and thoughts for that will aid us in our writing which, to my knowledge, have not been used for that purpose in years; a non functioning Apple laptop complete with an airport and all the other cables that go along with a computer. The reason that they are still sitting in my junk drawer (or drawers to be exact) is that I am a responsible person and can not bring myself to throw them out knowing it's not very good for the environment. I have tried on various occasions to sell the couple of items that are broken for parts (Craig's list is good for this). I think I even tried to get rid of the Zip drive on Craig's list, but no one wanted it. I did however get rid of a printer I no longer needed that way - I think I made $25 and felt good for not throwing it out. I have even taken to keeping old batteries in a box in my office and just the other day finally made it to the library for recyling. So you can see why this article would interst me. I have known for some time that there are organizations that take old cell phones and refurbish them to raise funds for the fight against dometic violence (The Wireless Foundation), but now I know that the Body Shop on State Street collects them - I'll be dropping mine off tomorrow. I also know that I can recycle my laptop at Apple, and many other places, and since it's pretty much a paper weight, the best I can hope to get for it is the good feeling of knowing I didn't just throw it in the trash. Just blogging about being a responsible recyling person has made me feel better. Alas, it hasn't solved the responsibility I have to you, my readers (well technically it did for this blog, but what about tomorrow?) So, if you promise to check out the My Green Electronics web site, I promise to blog tomorrow.

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