Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Back

Yes, it's true, I have returned from the motherland. Our trip was wonderful and relaxing yet hectic. We saw the usual sights of London (Big Ben [not that big really], the Tower of London [again, hardly what I would call a tower], the London Eye [I've got nothing for this one, it was pretty cool]) - and then we moved on to the North of England to take in the picturesque sights of Yorkshire (pronounced Yorksure).

Speaking of pictures, we took lots (almost 300). Alas, I've been busy with work and looking for apartments and volunteering my time making an invitation, and thus, have not had a chance to upload them. I assure you I will post the most fascinating dozen or so soon. While you're waiting for pictures, I'll just tell you a few things I learned while in England.
  1. They post their street signs on the sides of their buildings and they're not that particular about having one at every corner. I actually knew this from a previous trip to Ireland. But really got the full effect during our 13-day tour of the country. It's quaint at first, but then when you can't find the street sign as you're trying to get to the M1 in London and have no idea what street you're on, or where the street you're supposed to turn on is, it becomes slightly annoying.
  2. Cars like to park pointed in either direction on the street, regardless if it is one way or two way. This makes it difficult to know if it is one way or not, and leads to many "Oh my God, we're driving the wrong way down this street in the middle of London" moments.
  3. Google Maps UK is NOT the way to go to get directions in England. I don't think they actually have a person who lives in the UK writing these things. Best to stick with AA (the UK equivalent to AAA).
  4. Marks and Spencer's is the coolest store. It's a combination of an upscale Target and a Whole Foods.
  5. No one in London is "from around here" and has no idea how to tell you where to go. I got asked for directions two or three times while we were walking around - and once I was actually able to give them. That was one more time than anyone in London was able to give them to me.

OK, those are all negative things (well except the Marks and Spencer's thing). But really, we had a great time. I can't wait to go back and see more of the country - for such a small place, there really is a lot to see.

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