Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Whatever the weather...

The Midwest has been plunged into a deep freeze lately. This is not unusual or unexpected, and for Chicagoans, I think it mirrors their emotions at having lost the Super Bowl. We all just put on another layer of clothes and get on with it. Right now, this very moment, it's snowing outside. Maybe we're in for a blizzard, which we haven't had a good one since 1999. It is truly a sign of aging when you (a) talk about the weather and (b) remember the blizzards (or heat waves, or monsoons or whatever). There really isn't anything one can do about the weather, which is why I guess we all complain, because that is the only think you can do about it. I don't like to be one of those who complain about the weather because it seems so pointless. There are other things people generally like to complain about that are usually equally pointless, like traffic. But if you really wanted to, you could do something about traffic. You could take the bus, or organize a ride share program. You can't really do anything about the weather. That is of course, unless you're talking about not making it worse. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released their study pretty much saying it's all our fault (they said it much more eloquently, you can read the summary here). As an individual, it's hard to get your head around what you can do other than the things you already do (take public transportation, turn off the lights). But maybe now the big boys will be motivated to make some changes. And while we push them to make more efficient cars and less polluting companies, I'll try to do what it is I can to reduce my energy usage. I'll turn off my lights when I'm not in the room (and I'll replace the light bulbs with energy saving bulbs), I'll turn off my computer when I'm not using it instead of just letting it sleep and I'll shut all my storm windows at home.

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