Friday, February 2, 2007

Some thoughts

One of my favorite times of the day, is that time just before you get out of bed, but for a few minutes you lay there and enjoy the warm covers and the soft sheets, reveling in that peaceful time where you can consciously enjoy sleep, or the feeling of sleep. Makes a person not want to get out of bed and face the 6 degree temperatures.


Why is it that sometimes I feel like you have to actually tell a customer service rep what his or her job is to actually get real customer service? If I buy a phone that offers a $150 mail-in rebate with a 2-year service agreement, don't you think they'd tell you up front that you don't actually get a check for $150, but get a credit on your phone bill? And don't you think that when you send in your rebate form, they would accept your rebate because yes, you did meet the criteria instead of making you call them to tell them that yes, indeed you did sign a new 2-year service agreement and therefore qualify? And don't you think that if for some reason there was a problem with your rebate, they might email you (like they like to email you when your bill is due, or they want to sell you something else) instead of having you check online for the status of your rebate to see if it's been OK'd or erroneously declined? And don't you think that once you did get a customer service person to agree that yes, you in fact, did meet the criteria for the rebate, that instead of saying "The rebate is for $75 for a 1-year contract and $150 for a 2-year contract, so you will receive $75" prompting you to ask "But I signed a 2-year contract, so wouldn't I get the $150?" to which she said "Yes, this year you get the $75 and next year, you get another $75" she would have just said that in the first place? And don't you think that when you asked, "Do I need to do anything to receive this $75 credit (instead of the rebate that I thought I was being offered when I bought the phone) next year? And when will I receive this credit?" and she answered, "No, it is automatic, and it will go through on March 24, 2008." to which I said, "Why would I have to wait until March 24, when I bought the phone in November?" To which she said, "Yes, you're right, it will go through on November 24." instead she would have said "No, the credit will be automatic on November 24." Of course, she didn't say what year, so I'll probably end up calling back in November when I don't see my credit and having to once again ask for customer service.



Don't trust French men. They lie to you and say Barack Obama has come into the office, when really it's the president of Oracle.

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