Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My inbox can stand no more. Just a taste of what's there:
  • Payment Receipt - from for the race I signed up to run this weekend
  • Registration Confirmation - from for the race I signed up to run this weekend
  • Registration Confirmation - from for the race I signed up to run this weekend
  • We need legislators who protect women... - from Planned Parenthood
  • J.C.Penny Offer Confirmation - from lord only knows who
  • Tell Reps to put teen safety first - from Planned Parenthood
  • New Restaurants - from metromix
  • Pay Statement Notification - from ADP
  • March and April Event at The Poetry Cent... - from Lisa Buscani
  • and on
  • and on
  • and on

Obviously, we all get spam. Fine. And, apparently I've signed up for numerous newsletters from Planned Parenthood and Metromix and the Poetry Center and a host of other things. My fault - I like to be socially aware. And I signed up to do a race this weekend (not sure why I got TWO confirmation emails, as long as I didn't pay twice). Email has become this place to store all of the junk we don't want to get as paper. I should feel better about saving a tree or two right? But what about the electricity wasted? What about my time? Have we traded one menace for another? And do I really need to be more socially aware, or am I just kidding myself? I don't really read all of the newsletters I get. Mostly I skim. Sometimes I, gasp, delete without even opening. But it makes me feel better to get them. Like I'm trying in my own little way. Each day I get to work and open my work inbox (no big deal there). Then I go to my personal email. Good lordy! Twenty new messages. Sometimes it's just too much. Maybe we should go back to the days of handwritten letters. If someone wants to talk to me, let them write me a letter. If an organization wants me to find out about them, let them post a flyer to a communal message board. OK, I see the downsides to those things. This electronic mail thing seems to be catching on, and is generally a good thing. And, oddly enough, I find myself going through email withdrawal when for some reason I don't get any emails. I just wish I got more from my friends and fewer from advertisers.

PS - Sorry for the slight vacation from my blogs. I've been sick and busy at work (not a good combination).

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