Monday, January 29, 2007

Word of the Day

I created a new word in Scrabble the other day. I had the letters to create the word "detox" well, all but the D. Which was unfortunate, because that's a pretty good Scrabble word in my opinion, and I would have gotten a bunch of extra points, because it was adjacent to some other letters. I did however have the letters to create the word "metox" which I define as a self structured detox plan, not necessarily from drugs. Used in a sentence it would be "No, I'm not going out tonight, I need some metox time." My husband didn't think this was a word, and I didn't want to use a challenge, because, I'm pretty sure it isn't a word either. However, I think it's a good word and should be a word. So I propose that we all start using "metox" in our everyday language, and soon it will be a word, and I'll be able to use it in Scrabble.

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me must

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