Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wanted: One Professional Organizer

Does anyone else get annoyed with the sound that packing tape makes as it's coming off the roll? Are you constantly trying to arrange your desk for the optimum configuration? Why is it that you can never seem to find the perfect pen, or wrist rest or desk calendar that will meet all of your needs?

Working in an office every day, these things become important to you - or at least to me. I struggle to find the perfect balance between a clean and uncluttered workspace - one that will make me more productive, and a workspace that holds all the items I might need, or feel I might need, at my disposal. Also, there's the need or desire to personalize your workspace. How many pictures are too many? Do you have the cute pencil holder, or the boring black plastic one that was on your desk when you started? If you're me, with my need to have the optimum pen and pencils and colored markers and Sharpies, you have both. Recently I purchased (or rather the company purchased for me) a monitor holder that I can conveniently slide my lap top under to get it out of the way. I was very pleased with this purchase, and it really did create the perfect desk top - neat, organized, streamlined. That is until I started noticing a cramp in my neck. After several days use, I determined that aside from spending too much time in the same position, I was also having to put my head back a little too much to look at my monitor. I tried raising my chair, but that didn't work. So now I am back with my monitor on the desk and my little shelf holding one of the aforementioned pencil/pen holders and a clock radio that I don't really need, but like. Rest assured I will be spending time working on a solution to this problem. I probably should have gone into some sort of ergonomics field.

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