Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A trifle tired

Much to my dismay, blogging every day has not increased my awareness of the world around me...or perhaps I am just suffering the ill effects of too much drinking and trifle over the holidays. Like many others, I could use a day off to recover from my vacation. Which is odd, because, being a national day of mourning for former president Ford, many people in the nation have just that. And it gets even odder when you consider that most of the exchanges are closed, and that I work for a company that is closed when the exchanges are closed, yet here I am, at work (along with most of my coworkers - though I suspect NOT the traders) working - or pretending to work, while I could be at home, sleeping, having a leisurely morning and catching up on my Sims playing. But no, we're open, and so while I am not happy that former president Ford has passed, I am not in mourning...because, like all good Americans (except those that work for the post office, and the banks, and most of the exchanges) I am at work.

P.S - To my landlord - I mailed my rent check, but as you know, there is no mail, so it will be late.

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