Monday, January 22, 2007

Ticker Tape Triumph

I'm sure you've heard the news, the Bears are going to the Super Bowl again after 21 years. I remember the first time they went to the big game, back in 1986. I was in 8th grade, a newly minted Bears fan after having moved to the city just a couple years prior. Up until then, my allegiance had been with the Houston Oilers and their many failed bids to make it into the Super Bowl. I remember watching the game with my sister, mom and step dad. I mostly remember it was pretty boring as they creamed the Patriots 46 to 10. I remember being caught up in the excitement of the Super Bowl shuffle and what headband McMahon was going to wear and how sweet the Sweetness was. But mostly I remember the day after the Super Bowl when they returned from Louisiana and held a parade down LaSalle. My step father picked my sister and me up from school for our "doctor's appointment" and we headed downtown. It was a cold, bitter Chicago afternoon, and it snowed tons of ticker tape as the conquering heroes rode down the street. There was so much paper on the streets, that the revolving doors could barely turn. I remember thinking it was going to take forever to clean up.

I'll admit, I'm not an all the time Bears fan. I'm not an all the time any sports fan really. I like watching teams when they're winning and there's excitement. I was that way with the Bulls, and the Sox and of course the Cubs. But I don't mind watching sports (which is a good thing since there is now a man in the house), I just like watching them more when there's something to be excited about. Maybe not being a "true" Bears fan is why I'm not really feeling the excitement this time around. Maybe it's because I'm older and it's not as easy to get caught up in the hoopla with you're 34 as it is when you're 13. Maybe it's because I, along with most real Bears fans, am amazed that they actually made it to the Super Bowl despite the efforts of their quarterback.

But fear not, I will be there in two weeks, rooting for the Bears (though I really like Manning better than Grossman), and I'm sure I'll get caught up in the excitement if the Bear's bring home the trophy. And since I now work only a few blocks from LaSalle and the inevitable starting point of a victory parade, I might even feign sickness to bask in the ticker tape.

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