Thursday, January 4, 2007

Love Actually

I've recently begun thinking about my dissertation. Now I know this may strike some of you as odd since I am (1) not in a PhD program and (2) not intending to be in a PhD program. But never mind, I'm going forward. It happened one night that my husband and I were discussing film (as we often do) over a few drinks and appetizers at Monk's Pub (a popular after-work hangout in the Loop - it isn't known for it's heady conversations, but JP and I are trying to change all of that). Somehow we began discussing the much maligned "Romantic Comedy." We hashed out the definition of the romantic comedy over spinach dip (which I had to decline to eat since it was too hot for my tastes - though, since some like it hot, JP had no trouble partaking). Initially we defined it as a basic love story with comedic interjections. However, JP insisted that a true romantic comedy must develop both characters equally. I feel this is pretty strict, and discounts many movies from the genre. Many hours and many drinks later, I had to go to the restroom. Wallking down the hall I bumped into Annie, a former co-worker. Annie was always a big movie buff, so I invited her to join our conversations. Unfortunately, she's been too busy lately bringing up her baby and said she hadn't seen any good romatic comedies since the late 80s. I had the feeling Annie may have been exaggerating, but she did spark an idea. A romantic comedy that fit the bill of JP's strict definition, and by all accounts, was actually a good romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. So now that I have a starting point to my dissertation, be on the lookout for future updates.

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