Friday, January 26, 2007

How embarrassing

The other day I was at the gym. I've been going to the gym a lot lately, trying to get in better shape. Trying increase my running speed. Trying to work up to be able to run five miles in 50 minutes. So I'm walking down the hall to the women's locker room. Lining the hallway are the small lockers that people can rent to keep their stuff all the time - you know, so you don't have to carry your gym shoes or toiletries with you. Lying on the floor, next to these lockers was a pair of men's boxer briefs, gray, I think Calvin Klein's (but I could be wrong as I really didn't take too long a look at them). Upon seeing them I thought about how embarrassed that guy would be when he was done working out and upon returning his stuff to the locker noticed his underwear on the floor. Would he leave it there to save himself the embarrassment? Would he think of all the people that passed by his underwear on the way to the locker rooms and be more embarrassed? Would he laugh it off, pick em up, and stuff them into his bag - or slyly look around waiting for an opportunity to surreptitiously pick them up? They were still there when I left the gym, and I decided against waiting around to see who picked them up. But it got me to thinking about why people are embarrassed about this kind of stuff. It really could happen to anyone. I've had loads of embarrassing stuff happen to me (though I've never dropped my underwear on the floor in the gym - however, I have had a pair of underwear caught in my jeans leg because I had worn the jeans the previous day, and when I slipped them off I did the take the underwear and jeans off in one swoop, and didn't notice the next day when I pulled them back on that the underwear were still tucked in one of the legs - the good thing is I figured this out before getting too far and I don't think anyone saw me pull them out). What's really weird about this whole embarrassment thing is why would you, as the dropper of the underwear, think about the people who saw the underwear but never actually you? Why should this guy be even more embarrassed that 50 or so people saw his underwear lying on the floor? It's not like we know who he is. There was no sign above the underwear saying "This is Matt's Underwear - go make fun of him." He, as far as I know, didn't have a blinking light above his head calling everyone's attention to the fact that he had dropped a pair of his underwear on the floor. But yet the thought of knowing all these people saw your underwear on the floor makes it more embarrassing. But it really shouldn't (unless you know that someone is going to blog about your underwear later, in which case, you should be really embarrassed).

So, next time you drop your underwear on the floor in the gym, don't be embarrassed about all the people who saw your underwear lying there - unless of course, there are big stains on your underwear - that's embarrassing.

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