Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blonde Ambition

I had a breakthrough with my hair this morning. As you may know, I recently cut about a foot of hair off and now style it into a cute bob. Unfortunately, the wave in the back of my hair causes me to stress about my tresses. I just can't seem to get it to lay flat without much work with the blow dryer and straight iron (or midget trouser press as JP likes to call it). That was, until this morning when I did two things that seemed to help. I (a) put my straightening lotion on the back of my head, in the hair that causes me the most problem, instead of working it in through the front (don't ask me why I was doing it the other way - I just wasn't thinking) and (b) instead of trying to curl my hair under in the back as I was drying it (which just seemed to make the waves bigger) I concentrated on pulling it straight.

So, the good news is, I can now style my hair in less that 15 minutes (which is my maximum hair styling time unless it's a special occasion) and it looks decent. Decent enough that I got a compliment on it this morning, prompting me to explain to my coworker how I achieved this pretty, bouncy, coiffed hair, prompting me to become excited about it all over again and then blog about it. So if you have enjoyed this blog, you have N to thank. If you haven't, it's all her fault.

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