Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Blogging my way to a novel

This writing every day thing (or almost every day as I seem to take the weekends off) has been a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it gets me to writing, bad because I feel like I must come up with something interesting to entertain my readers (not that I really have any readers other than you - but it's important to me that I entertain you). So I find myself thinking about what I want to do with this blog. It's an interesting style, this blogging. It's a weird combination of journaling (which for most people is intensely private and mull things over) and newspaper reporting (which is public and quick and move on to the next thing) and I'm sure some other forms of writing thrown in for good measure. Maybe that's why I am attracted to it. Because I like to journal, and I have a degree in journalism. It's my daily recording of ideas and events. But what's it all for other than my own edification? I keep thinking that some themes will arise; that I'll be able to cull some ideas into something larger. Maybe it will, as I have said before, spark my imagination and I will start working on other projects. But that has yet to happen. Maybe it's too early for that. It's like getting in shape - you have to work out for a while before you start to see results. So maybe this is just the beginning of the exercising. How long though must I work before the results kick in? I mean, do you think I'll have enough information for my novel by mid-year?


Anonymous said...

Stick with it. I for one, am a regular reader and enjoy your musings. --- SB

Melanie Higgins said...

Thanks - I'm appreciate the support

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