Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogging for bloggings sake

If I have nothing to say, should I blog? Nothing interesting happened to me on the way to work (it's too cold outside for me to notice anything or have any thoughts other than "damn, it's cold"). I didn't watch anything exciting on TV last night. I didn't really read anything exciting in the newspaper (well, I did read that the Bears helmets that they made for the lions outside the Art Institute don't fit, and they have to take them back and make them bigger - and I thought that was kinda funny). I didn't discuss anything exciting with my coworkers over lunch, lunch itself was pretty basic (Boca burger sandwich, grapes and half an apple). I went outside once to the Staples down the street for paper, but again, not really that exciting. So I'm sorry I have nothing to blog about today. Please let me know if I should just skip blogging when I have nothing to blog about, or should I continue to blog when I have nothing to blog about because maybe, perhaps I have actually said something interesting.

On a side note, I included links to make this non-blog more interesting, and easier to get away from.

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