Thursday, January 18, 2007

2BR w DW, WD, HwdF only $750!

I spend a lot of time looking at apartments online lately. We're moving when our lease is up. I like my apartment (for the most part), and I love most of my neighbors, but am a little tired of the neighborhood and am dreading the increased commute times once the construction at the Belmont and Fullerton stops commences. I won't go on and on about the CTA because I don't want this to be a rant, but really, I think they are trying to lose riders. I've lived in the same apartment for more than four years now. That's the longest time I have ever lived in any one place in my entire life. I would go through all of the places I've lived, but it would take quite a lot of research on my part and I don't have that kind of time now (maybe in a later blog) because I'm too busy looking for my new apartment. Now my lease isn't up until the end of April, so I don't have to find a new place to live now, but it's fun to look and see what's out there. Plus, I'm trying to find some place that fits all of the requirements (which will never happen, but it's nice to dream). They are:
  1. Two bedrooms
  2. Laundry in building (great if in unit but I won't hold my breath)
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Some sort of outside space
  5. Available street parking
  6. Close to public transportation not the brown or north side red line (of course, I'm looking to move to the near west side of the city, so if I'm close enough to downtown, I could just ride my bike/roller skate/skateboard/ski/etc.)
  7. A separate dining room and/or small office space

Those aren't necessarily in order of importance, but basically that's it. Does that seem to much to ask? Well, of course, that's not all I want. Along with that I would also like:

  1. Decent water pressure
  2. Ample and well-placed electrical outlets
  3. Electric wires that can sustain the load of today's many modern appliances
  4. A neighborhood that is relatively safe
  5. A landlord that is responsive to my requests
  6. A grocery store not too far away
  7. Ample closets (here I'm not even asking for that much since if you know what kind of closet space I'm dealing with now, you'd know I know how to organize a closet to death)
  8. No big repair work needed
Again, is that too much to ask? What is it that I need to do to find a decent apartment at a decent price with a decent landlord? All thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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