Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let them know it's Christmastime

Remember when you were a kid and you were so excited to open your Christmas presents. You just knew that you'd have a mound of new toys and clothes and stuff. And then Christmas morning you rushed to the tree to open all the boxes and bags and collapsed exhausted on the couch and it was only 8:30? Remember that feeling you had when it's all over? When you're putting away your gifts, going through them again and there is a sort of empty feeling. A feeling like...that's all?And you look around thinking you've misplaced that gift that was going to make you so happy only to realize that no, you got everything you wanted and while it's nice, and you'll have fun playing with the Hungry Hungry Hippos and listening to your new CD and watching your new DVD, it doesn't really make you happy. I remember that feeling and it used to confuse me.

I spent the Christmas holiday with a house full of people including several children. And I watched them play with the toys and games they received for Christmas. And they all looked happy. And maybe they were happy. But I think it was more fun to be the adult watching the children open the presents and play with the toys we picked out for them and be excited and happy. So do we, as adults, perpetuate this cycle of creating this sense of happiness from stuff to make ourselves happy? Do we get the kids excited about opening presents so we can see the joy on their faces and feel good because we bought them something that seems to make them so happy? Are the being happy because we expect them to be happy? But really, at the end of the day, they're thinking to themselves, I must be missing something, because it wasn't really that great.

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