Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jackson Dreams

Walking down Jackson Blvd. this morning, I remembered a strange dream I had last night. I don't know what it was that reminded me of this dream. Some little glimpse of something, a smell maybe, or just thoughts cycling through my head and I got to the dream and it came blossoming out. Anyway, this dream was about my cousin Laura, who lives in Texas and I rarely see. She's about 18 or 19. She ran away from home or left home or something, because of this guy. Well this guy turns out to be this total jerk Chris that I used to work with at Barnes & Noble. For reasons too long to go into here, the last time I spoke to him was via an email and I told him that I never wanted to talk to him again, and that if he saw me walking down the street I'd advise him to turn around and go the other way. So as you can imagine, I was not too happy about my cousin hooking up with this guy. There were lots of other weird things going on in the dream. I was at college, in our main student building, and I was helping with some sort of festival, that Chris and Laura were at too. Several people were dressed up in different costumes, and we were making Swedish food and serving it to people. I know it's a common question, where dreams come from and what they mean. And lord knows I'm not the person to answer that question. But sometimes I wish someone would...then again, it's a nice mystery.

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