Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The first...maybe the last

I recently went to a party where I was talking to some college kids. They asked me what I did. Whenever I hear this question I always feel the need to explain that while I currently do "internal communications" for a financial company, my background is in journalism and that I am a writer. Invariably people ask me if I write a lot, which of course I no longer really do outside of the daily emails for corporate types. Anyway, I mentioned that the one type of writing that I had done fairly consistently since I was a kid was journaling and that I had a shelf full of journals going back as far as second grade. But of course, I barely journal anymore and half the entries are me catching the un-named reader up on current events in my life. I think my current journal covers more than three years.

So, all of this brings me to my new blog. Maybe taking a few minutes each day, every other day, once a month, whatever, will start my creative juices flowing (which is the main reason I like to journal anyway) and I'll have something else to share with future generations that will invariably laugh at my musings, but at least they're not taking up precious shelf space.

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